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Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum - Acrolite Snare Drum History - Ludwig Acrolite

The History of the Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum!

This page is dedicated to the Acrolite. Select a section to see more information. Each section will help you find out more about your drum.

In "Common Questions" we give you the values based on year and condition and answer questions about painting as well as other common questions we get. As always if you ever have a question please just email us.

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This web site is not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company. It is an informational web site for the documentation of the Acrolite Snare Drum. Also called an Acro. We have a large collection of literature, articles and photos of this model snare drum. The Acrolite Snare Drum history section will document the drum from the early 60's version to the newer Acrolite still being made by Ludwig.

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