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Ludwig Drum Badges
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Side note: Why did Ludwig like the Keystone shape? There were other companies that used the keystone in advertising and logos. The Keystone is the strongest stone in an arch and the middle point between the left and right side. It was a symbol of strength.

This is called the pre-serial Keystone Badge and this is the badge that you will find on the earliest of Acrolite Snare Drums. Our earliest advert is from a 1962 Ludwig Drummer.
1964 - 1969
This is the Serial Numbered Keystone Badge and a very common badge to see on an Acrolite. The drum was polished aluminum and did not have a painted finish on it.
This badge is called the Blue and Olive badge. You will also see it as the B/O Badge. Some of these are polished aluminum and some are painted. "Around 1971-‘72 Ludwig also used B & O Badges without Serial Numbers (LVDC)"
1979 - Mid 80's
This badge is called the Blue and Olive badge with rounded corners. Sometime around 1979 and for sure in the 1984 catalog the drum was now powder coated with a grey finish.
This is called the Black and White Badge used on the Black Galaxy - "Blackrolite" snare drum.



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This web site is not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company. It is an informational web site for the documentation of the Acrolite Snare Drum. Also called an Acro. We have a large collection of literature, articles and photos of this model snare drum. The Acrolite Snare Drum history section will document the drum from the early 60's version to the newer Acrolite still being made by Ludwig.

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