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 Should I buy an Acrolite?

It is commonly discussed on drum forums that you should have an Acrolite in your collection. It is a relatively cheap drum that can be a back up drum for any situation.

 Where can I find an Acrolite?

Some of the cheapest Acros can be found at garage sales, flee markets, pawn shops or Salvation Army locations. You will find them on Ebay and the price will vary

 What is the best Acro?

They are all good snare drums, but many vintage players like the 60's version over the 70's version with powder coat. They are both equally as good drums.

 Value of a vintage Acro?

Ok, let's just say everything being equal in regards to condition and originality.

60's Acrolite - $150 - $200 +/- (Smooth shell)
70's Acrolite - $100 - $175 +/- (Smooth shell)
70's Acrolite - Painted Shell B/O badge $75 - $125
80's - 90's Black Acrolite* $75 - $150 +/-
New Acrolites - Retail $250 +/-

* The reason the Black Acrolite, also called the "Blackrolite" sells in that range is people compare and price them to the current retail price and that will keep them in that price range.

These prices are ranges and there are times where mint drums and drums with the case and stand sell for more. I have also purchased Acrolites that people have painted and if they are missing parts or have problems they sell for less in each price range.

The "First Generation" snares sell in the $400 - $600 depending on the market. These have aluminum hoops that are the same material as the shell. There are variations and transition drums with different parts.

If you find 6 1/2" Acrolite, I would put it in the same price range as the first generation version but would expect it to sell for more.

 Should I re-paint my Acro?

I would not re-paint the drum if it is a player and you like the sound of the drum. If you are trying to be creative and do not care about the resale of the drum, them by all means have at it. They are plentiful!



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